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It Came from Outer Space (1

This is a true class sci-fi movie and one of my dear late Mom’s favorites and mine too! This movie has an outstanding cast. My review will be posted soon.

Night of the Blood Beast (1958)Night of the Blood Beast movie poster 2

Key Cast Members
Michael Emmet plays Maj.John Corcoran
Angela Greene plays Dr. Julie Benson
John Baer plays Steve Dunlap
Ed Nelson plays Dave Randall
Tyler McVey plays Dr. Alex Wyman
Georgianna Carter plays Donna Bixby
Ross Sturlin plays The Creature

Night of the Blood Beast_cast
Writers – Gene Corman (story); Martin Varno
Director – Bernard L. Kowalski
Production Company – American International Pictures; Balboa Productions
Release Date – August 1, 1958

Night of the Blood Beast_the creature attacks a man_larger photo

The Plot In a Nutshell
This so-bad-it’s good B-movie was directed by Bernard L. Kowalski, who also directed the fabulous B-movie, Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959) and the pilots for TV shows such as Richard Diamond, Private Detective (1957), N.Y.P.D. (1967) and The Monroes (1966).

Night of the Blood Beast was produced by Gene Corman and the Executive Producer was his brother, Roger Corman, both of whom produced and directed plenty of wonderful B-movies such as Beast from Haunted Cave (1959), Monster from the Ocean Floor (1954), and many, many more!

Night of the Blood Beast_group examines dead astronaut
Astronaut Maj. John Corcoran crashes back to earth in his rocket ship and lands near the station where his co-workers Steve, Dave, Alex, Donna and his fiancé, Julie, are working diligently to track his launch. They find John in the ship and sadly determine that he didn’t make it. But, wait….he’s not dead! John is revived by alien beings that are living and growing in his stomach. He might make history by being the first man to give birth to alien babies! Ha! Ha!

Fluoroscopy machine
To complicate matters, a strange alien creature is lurking around at night outside the station and then it breaks in and kills one of the group! John tells his co-workers to trust the creature and give it a chance to explain what it wants. However, they think the creature has bamboozled John, and it really wants to use his body as a host to grow alien babies so it can take over planet Earth!

Night of the Blood Beast_the creature attacks Donna
What’s even more frightening is when the hapless group realizes that the alien has cut them completely off from communication with the outside world. Not even Cape Canaveral can get through to them! Will the group of scientists, military personnel and a photographer make it through the scary night? How can they, while the creature lurks right outside?

Can they summon their courage to face the creature when it beckons them to meet it at the caves near the station? Will mankind be taken over by alien beings? Well, my friends, you’ll just have to watch this groovy space age B-movie clunker to find out!

Night of the Blood Beast_the creature emerges from the cave

Some of My Favorite Quotes from Night of the Blood Beast (1958)
“I seemed to be floating in a warm, black mist.”
— Maj. John Corcoran

“It’s unbelievable, things like this just don’t happen!”
— Steve Dunlap

“If what you say is true, and I’ve been dead, I don’t know what this means for us, but I haven’t changed in my feelings.”
–Major John Corcoran

“Even with these cocktails, I’m not anxious to tangle with that creature!”
— Dave Randall

Why I Think It’s Worth Watching

  • The music, by Alexander Laszlo, is eerie and cheezy, all at the same time.
  • The creature, aka The Blood Beast, casts scary shadows as it creeps along outside the tracking station.
  • This movie was filmed at the Bronson Caves, at Bronson Canyon in Griffith Park and I’ve been to the caves! They’re neat!Bronson Caves 2
  • This movie was filmed in just 7 days! Wow!
  • A “dead” rocket man comes back to life and he has baby aliens living inside him!Rocket Radio
  • There is a nifty looking fluoroscopy X-ray machine that operates on a radium cathode tube! When John gets in it, the machine reveals the aliens who live in his stomach!Fluoroscopy_procedure_1909
  • The creature, aka The Blood Beast, aka the alien, has long, curving, sharp claws, big, bulging eyes and a bird-like beak!Night of the Blood Beast_the creature
  • The group uses guns that look like they came from the Civil War….but it’s 1958!Night of the Blood Beast_guy with a gun
  • The overacting by the cast is lots of fun!
  • The creature, aka The Blood Beast, gives a rousing speech at the end of the movie!

What Happened on August 1, 1958, the Movie’s Release Date?
The USS Nautilus, the world’s first operational nuclear-powered submarine, submerges under the Arctic ice cap.

USS Nautilus


The Brain from Planet Arous (1957)
The Brain from Planet Arous (1957) movie poster

 Key Cast Members
John Agar plays Steve March
Joyce Meadows plays Sally Fallon
Robert Fuller plays Dan Murphy
Thomas Browne Henry plays John Fallon

Sallly and Steve

Writer – Ray Buffum (screenplay)
Director – Nathan Juran
Production Company – Marquette Productions Ltd.
Release Date – October 1, 1957

The Plot In a Nutshell
This entertaining Atomic Age B-movie is directed by the fabulous Nathan Juran (aka Nathan Hertz), who also directed such excellent movies as The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958); 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957) and Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (1958).

Gor, an evil brain from the planet Arous, crash lands near the White Sands Proving Ground in the New Mexico desert. Gor is up to no good, but he can only wreak havoc on planet Earth by inhabiting the body of a human. So, he decides to use Steve March for his host body. Steve is a nuclear scientist associated with the Indian Springs Atomic Energy Commission, near Alamogordo. The next thing you know, after Gor takes over Steve’s body and free will, Steve threatens to destroy the capital cities of the Earth unless world leaders bend to Gor’s evil scheme of world domination.


As Gor continues to control him, Steve goes from a mild-mannered scientist to a crazy, possessed sex fiend, and frightens his sweet, good natured fiancé, Sally Fallon, and her scientist Dad, John. However, there is hope in sight when Vol, a kind-hearted and good brain from the planet Arous, arrives just in time to help them. Vol temporarily inhabites the body of George, Sally and Steve’s lovable dog. While he uses George as his host body (no harm is done to George), Vol explains to Sally and her Dad that Gor is a wanted criminal on the planet Arous, and that he’s traveled to Earth to bring Gor back to Arous to face jail time.

Steve and Dan at Bronson Canyon
Can Sally, John, and Vol work together fast enough to destroy Gor before he completely annihilates planet Earth? Well, my friends, you’ll just have to watch this totally cheezy cosmic B-movie to find out!

Steve and Dan in Bronson Caves
Some of My Favorite Quotes from The Brain from Planet Arous

“Boy, when I think I could have studied accounting, and worked in an air conditioned office!” – Dan Murphy

“Oh, you know Dan, a playboy at heart. One week in the mountains and he has to go to Las Vegas to recuperate.” – Steve March

“I am Gor. I need your body as a dwelling place while I am here on your Earth.” – Gor, the brain from planet Arous

Steve March, possessed by Gor

Why I Think It’s Worth Watching

  • The musical score is creepy and dramatic and perfect for this B-movie!
  • A giant brain with spooky eyes floats in the air!
  • You can clearly see the strings from which the brain is hanging, ha! ha!
  • The movie was filmed at the famous Bronson Canyon and Bronson Caves in Los Angeles, and I’ve been to both locations!
  • Gor, the giant brain, has the hots for Sally!
  • Sally and her Dad live in a groovy, mid-century modern house!

What Happened on October 1, 1957, the Movie’s Release Date?
“In God We Trust” first appeared on U.S. paper currency.

In God We Trust on 1957 U.S. dollar bill



X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes (1963)

X-The Man with the X-Ray Eyes, movie poster

Key Cast Members
Ray Milland plays Dr. James Xavier
Diana Van der Vlis plays Dr. Diane Fairfax
Harold J. Stone plays Dr. Sam Brant
John Hoyt plays Dr. Willard Benson
Don Rickles plays Crane

Ray Milland and Diana Van der Vlis

Writers – Robert Dillon (screenplay); Ray Russell (screenplay & story)
Director – Roger Corman
Production Company – Alta Vista Productions
Release Date – September 18, 1963

The Plot In a Nutshell
This psychedelic and amazing B-movie is directed by the multi-talented Roger Corman, who also directed wonderful movies such as Little Shop of Horrors (1960); Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961); War of the Satellites (1958); The Young Racers (1963); The Haunted Palace (1963) and many more!

Dr. James Xavier, a well-known benevolent scientist, wants to help improve human eyesight. So, after many experiments, he’s able to develop eye drops that give him x-ray vision. He can see through walls, clothes, people and even into the very core of the universe! However, the drops’ effects prove to be too strong and when he closes his eyes to sleep, he can still see, day or night!

X-The Man with the X-Ray Eyes, Ray Milland with Dark Glasses

So, the good doctor starts to lose his marbles and through a series of mishaps, he runs afoul of the law and goes on the run. Can his friends, Dr. Diane Fairfax and Dr. Sam Brant, save him before he goes completely off the deep end? Well, my friends, you’ll just have to watch this ahead-of-its-time groovy B-movie to find out!

Some of My Favorite Quotes from X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

“My dear friend, only the gods see everything.” – Dr. Sam Brant

“My dear doctor, I’m closing in on the gods!” – Dr. James Xavier

Why I Think It’s Worth Watching

  • This movie has a wonderful, creepy soundtrack!
  • The opening credits are full of fun, psychedelic graphics!
  • Scientists actually smoke in their lab, and use a Bunsen burner to light their cigarettes, Ha! Ha!
  • Don Rickles plays a sleazy carny worker named Crane.
  • Ray Milland plays the benevolent scientist, Dr. James Xavier, and later in the movie, he plays a psychic in Don Rickle’s cheezy carnival show!X-The Man with the X-Ray Eyes, Ray Milland as a phony psychic
  • Dr. Xavier plays slot machines in Las Vegas, and he has creepy monster’s eyes!
    X-The Man with the X-Ray Eyes, Ray Milland with Monster Eyes
  • Dr. Xavier goes to a swinging cocktail party and he can see people through their clothes, because of his x-ray vision!X-The Man with the X-Ray Eyes, Ray Milland at the coctail party
  • There’s a cool-looking retro coffee machine!

What Happened on July 1, 1959, the Movie’s Release Date?
The Patty Duke Show, starring the very talented Patty Duke, premiered on ABC TV.
The Patty Duke Show



 The Alligator People (1959)
The Alligator People movie poster

Key Cast Members

  • Beverly Garland plays Joyce Webster
  • Bruce Bennett plays Dr. Eric Lorimer
  • Lon Chaney Jr. plays Manon
  • George Macready plays Dr. Mark Sinclair
  • Frieda Inescort plays Mrs. Lavinia Hawthorne
  • Richard Crane plays Paul Webster
  • Douglas Kennedy plays Dr. Wayne MacGregor

Joyce Webster and Manon
Writers – Orville H. Hampton (screenplay & story); Charles O’Neal (story); Robert M. Fresco (uncredited)
Director – Roy Del Ruth
Production Company – Associated Producers, Inc.
Release Date – July 1, 1959

The Plot In a Nutshell
This super cheezy and very entertaining B-movie is directed by the wonderful and versatile Roy Del Ruth, who also directed silent movies such as Asleep at the Switch (1923), Eve’s Lover (1925), and talkies such as Blond Crazy (1931), Broadway Melody of 1938 (1937) and many more.

Joyce Webster and her new husband, Paul, are on a train, taking their honeymoon trip, when Paul receives a mysterious telegram. He immediately gets off the train at the next stop…without his new bride! So, Joyce begins to look for him in earnest, and her search leads her to a spooky old mansion, called The Cypresses, nestled in the swamp lands of Louisiana.

Joyce Webster and the AlligatorThe mistress of the manor, Mrs. Lavinia Hawthorne, claims she’s never even heard of Paul Webster, but spunky and smart Joyce knows Lavinia is lying. So, it’s up to Joyce to piece together the riddle of why Paul’s last known address before going away to college is indeed the creepy old mansion. When she hears a piano playing in the living room, and goes to investigate, she runs into a man who looks and acts suspiciously like her new husband, Paul, with one exception…he has scaly skin that makes him look like an alligator!

Joyce Webster at The Cypresses
Can Joyce figure out what’s really going on at the haunted mansion, and at the laboratory down the lane, run by a mad scientist, Dr. Mark Sinclair? Will she ever locate her husband, Paul? Well, my friends, you’ll just have to watch this way-out B-movie to find out!

Some of My Favorite Quotes from The Alligator People

“There was something sinister about The Cypresses. As night darkened the house, all the doubts and fears which had haunted the long, lonely miles of my search returned.”
— Joyce Webster

“Your patients are turning into…alligators!” – Joyce Webster

Why I Think It’s Worth Watching

  • There are lots of scary swamps with even scarier alligators!
  • Lon Chaney Jr. is menacing with his hook hand!
  • A mad scientist drives an amphibious swamp buggy!
    Swamp Buggy
  • A mad scientist has a space age laboratory with a gamma ray/cobalt radiation machine!
  • A man who is half-man and half-alligator plays the piano like Chopin!
  • A man who has an alligator head runs around the swamps!

What Happened on July 1, 1959, the Movie’s Release Date?
In West Germany, Heinrich Lübke is elected the second president.

map of West Germany

The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues (1955)

Key Cast Members
Kent Taylor plays Dr. Ted Stevens/Ted Baxter
Cathy Downs plays Lois King
Michael Whalen plays Professor King
Helene Stanton plays Wanda
Philip Pine plays George Thomas
Rodney Bell plays William S. “Bill” Grant
Vivi Janiss plays Ethel Hall, Professor King’s Secretary
Michael Garth plays the Sheriff
Pierce Lyden plays Andy, the Janitor

Writers – Lou Rusoff (screenplay); Dorys Lukather (original story)
Director – Dan Milner
Production Company – Milner Bros. Productions
Release Date – December 1, 1955

Sea phantom

The Plot in a Nutshell
When oceanographer, Professor King, conducts atomic experiments in the Pacific Ocean, he accidentally causes a sea creature to mutate into a scary sea phantom that lurks on the ocean floor. Then, charred bodies start washing ashore, and it’s up to government investigator, Bill Grant, and scientist, Dr. Ted Stevens, to figure out what the heck is going on.

Dr. Stevens and Bill Grant

Things get really complicated when the Professor’s lovely daughter, Lois King, and Dr. Stevens start dating, and Dr. Stevens begins to suspect that Professor King is hiding something. Is the gentle professor behind the mysterious deaths and the hideous creature that guards a mysterious glowing light radiating from the ocean floor?

Dr. Ted Stevens and Lois King

Can Dr. Stevens and Bill solve the mystery of the phantom sea creature and the glowing light before any more scuba divers become the next victims? Well, my friends, you’ll just have to watch this swell atomic age B-movie to find out!

Professor King

Some of My Favorite Quotes from The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues

“I’m an oceanographer! The ocean’s my business, day or night!” – George Thomas

“It was being guarded by a sea serpent, a hideous beast that defies description!”
– Dr. Ted Stevens

“Nature has many secrets that man mustn’t disturb, and this was one of them!”
– Dr. Ted Stevens

Why I Think It’s Worth Watching

  • A scary phantom sea creature lurks on the ocean floor!
  • The beach is foggy and spooky at night!
  • There’s a cool, atomic age laboratory!
  • There’s a groovy 1950s beachfront bungalow!
  • A mysterious light glows from the depths of the ocean floor!Atomic Energy Lab Toy

 What Happened on December 1, 1955, the Movie’s Release Date?
In Montgomery, AL, African American seamstress Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat to a white passenger and move to the back of a bus. She is arrested and thrown in jail, and this sparks the beginning of the Civil Rights movement in the U.S.

Best wishes for a most happy thanksgiving

Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow (1959)

Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow movie poster

Key Cast Members
Jody Fair plays Lois Cavenish
Russ Bender plays Tom Hendry
Henry McCann plays Dave
Martin Braddock plays Stan
Dorothy Neumann plays Anastasia Abernathy


Writer – Lou Rusoff
Director – William J. Hole Jr.
Production Company – Alta Vista Productions
Release Date – July 1, 1959

The Plot In a Nutshell
This hip and fun B-movie is directed by the fabulous William J. Hole Jr, who also directed many wonderful TV shows such as The Tab Hunter Show (1960), 77 Sunset Strip (1960), Surfside 6 (1960), Sky King (1958-1959), Highway Patrol (1958) and many more.

An L.A. drag racing club holds a Halloween dance party at an old spooky manor house at Dragstrip Hollow. But, they get more than they bargained for when a scary, scaly monster crashes their party and steal dances with all the pretty girls. To top it off, the ghost of the manor house makes a spooky appearance.

GhostofDragstripHollow, Halloween PartyCan the drag racers figure out who the monster really is before it scares all the guests silly? Well my friends, you’ll just have to watch this swingin’ Halloween B-movie to find out! Happy Halloween!

Some of My Favorite Quotes from The Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow

“The average hot rodder spends a thousand hours a year on his crate. Now that doesn’t leave much time for the average kid to do much delinquentizing!” – Stan

“No rumbles! Ice it baby!” – Stan

“After the he-cats go home, the she-cats nap.” – Lois Cavendish

“I can dig the male of the species but the female hot rodder baffles me.” – Tom Hendry

“I used to play the harp until I found out it makes an excellent cheese slicer.” – Anastasia Abernathy

Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow, talking car

Why I Think It’s Worth Watching

  • A married couple who sleeps in separate beds!
  • A haunted old manor house with a secret revolving fireplace!
  • A hip, rockin’ Halloween party in a haunted manor house!
  • A scary monster that looks like the Creature from the Black Lagoon!Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow monster
  • A peppy, toe-tapping theme song!
  • A cool song called “Geronimo” played at a swingin’ club by a blastin’ band!
  • Groovy chicks who race around L.A. in groovy, fast hot rods!

What Happened on July 1, 1959, the Movie’s Release Date?
The #1 song in the U.S. is The Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton.

Vintage Happy Halloween

The Black Scorpion (1957)
The Black Scorpion movie poster

Key Cast Members
Richard Denning plays Hank Scott
Mara Corday plays Teresa Alvarez
Carlos Rivas plays Artur Ramos
Mario Novarro plays Juanito
Carlos Muzquiz plays Dr. Velazco

cast of the black scorpionProduction
Writers – David Duncan (screenplay); Robert Blees (screenplay); Paul Yawitz (story)
Director – Edward Ludwig
Production Company – Amex Productions
Release Date – October 11, 1957

The Plot In a Nutshell
This above-average B-movie is directed by the talented Edward Ludwig, who also directed several excellent movies starring John Wayne, such as The Fighting Seabees (1944), Wake of the Red Witch (1948) and Big Jim McLain (1952).

photo of the black scorpion

A series of huge volcanoes erupt in Mexico, releasing giant scorpions from deep caverns beneath the earth. Geologist Hank Scott, rancher Teresa Alvarez and a cute little boy named Juanito combine forces with the military to figure out a way to kill these creepy crawlers before they destroy everyone and everything in their path.

However, their challenge gets even tougher when they come up against the granddaddy of them all – the Black Scorpion! Will the group find a way to obliterate these terrifying meanies before they reach Mexico City? Well, my friends, you’ll just have to watch this spine-tingling creature feature to find out!

the black scorpion battling the 30-foot worm
Some of My Favorite Quotes from The Black Scorpion
“We just saw a worm 30-feet long!” – Hank

“Survivors report that a giant black scorpion has attacked and killed the smaller scorpions and is now headed for Mexico City!” – Public Safety Announcer (with an American accent, Ha! Ha!)

Why I Think It’s Worth Watching
Friends, this blast-from-the-past creature-feature B-movie has it all, including:

  • Handsome B-movie actor Richard Denning!
  • Lovely B-movie actress Mara Corday!
  • Growling, howling, roaring, drooling giant scorpions!
  • 2-foot long walkie-talkies!
  • A smoldering, scary volcano!
  • A spooky, bottomless cavern, where a giant scorpion battles a 30-foot long worm!
  • A Black Scorpion that roars like a lion!
  • A giant spider with a strange laugh!

What Happened on October 11, 1957, the Movie’s Release Date?
The #1 song in the U.S. is Tammy by Debbie Reynolds.

Vintage hallowee ghost with pumpkin

Zombies of Mora Tau (1957)

Zombies of Mora Tau movie poster_color 

Key Cast Members
Gregg Palmer plays Jeff Clark
Allison Hays plays Mona Harrison
Autumn Russell plays Jan Peters
Joel Ashley plays George Harrison
Morris Ankrum plays Dr. Jonathan Eggert
Marjorie Eaton plays Grandmother Peters

Writers – George Plympton (story); Bernard Gordon (screenplay)
Director – Edward L. Cahn
Production Company – Columbia Pictures
Release Date – March 1, 1957

The Plot In a Nutshell
This spooky zombie movie with a better-than-average plot is directed by the wonderful Edward L. Cahn, who directed other groovy B-movies such as Creature with the Atom Brain (1955), The She-Creature (1956), Voodoo Woman (1957), The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake (1959) and many more.

Zombies of Mora Tau_the cast_black and white photoA group of treasure hunters arrive in the coastal African town of Mora Tau. Their goal is to search for diamonds supposedly hidden on a ship that sank 60 years earlier. But, they get more than they bargained for when the survivors of the shipwreck, now scary, lifeless, creepy zombies, terrorize them at every step of the way!

Can the group, led by scuba diver Jeff Clark and the group’s financier, George Harrison, find the diamonds before the zombies get them? Well, friends, you’ll just have to watch this atmospheric, spooky B-movie to find out! It’s the perfect movie to get you in the mood for Halloween!

Zombies of Mora Tau_zombies in black and white

Some of My Favorite Quotes from Zombies of Mora Tau
“You’re listing to port, Mona. Your husband’s the man over there.” – Jeff

“They’re dead I tell you! They have no morality, no free will! They’ll kill anyone who tries to steal the diamonds!” – Grandmother Peters

“You old hag! You’re dead already, you just don’t have the sense enough to lie down!” –Mona

Why I Think It’s Worth Watching
Friends, this spooky B-movie has some great scenes, including:

  • A scuba diver who takes a drag on his cigarette before the crew puts on his dive helmet and drops him into the sea! Ha! Ha!
  • Some great, nailing-biting moments when the zombies rise up out of the sea and come onboard the crew’s boat!
  • A mysterious old lady who dresses in late Victorian-era clothes, but it’s 1957!
  • A spooky island graveyard built in 1906 for shipwrecked sailors!
  • A very spooky haunted African town on the “Voodoo Coast”!
  • Creepy, late-Victorian zombie sailors who terrorize the crew and the locals!
  • Creepy, late-Victorian zombie sailors who terrorize the divers under the sea!

What Happened on March 1, 1957, the Movie’s Release Date?
The Cat In the Hat by Dr. Seuss is published in the U.S.

The Cat in the Hat book cover


The Giant Claw (1957) 
The Giant Claw, movie poster

Key Cast Members
Jeff Morrow as Mitch MacAfee
Mara Corday as Sally Caldwell
Morris Ankrum as Lt. Gen. Edward Considine
Louis Merrill as Pierre Broussard
Edgar Barrier as Dr. Karol Noymann
Robert Shayne as Gen. Van Buskirk
Clark Howat as Maj. Bergen

Written By – Samuel Newman & Paul Gangelin
Director – Fred F. Sears
Production Company – Columbia Pictures
Release Date – June 1, 1957

The Plot In a Nutshell
This B-movie treasure is directed by the wonderful Fred Sears, who directed other great B-movies such as Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956), The Werewolf (1956) and many more. While flying his plane, pilot and electronics engineer Mitch MacAfee, spots a UFO whizzing by him at supersonic speed, and he tells the U.S. Air Force that it’s as “big as a battleship.” The military immediately scrambles some jets to check it out. However, since this flying battleship doesn’t show up on radar, they can’t find it right away, so of course they think Mitch is a real kook.

Scene from The Giant Claw

Several airplanes flying near the UFO mysteriously disappear, then the powers that be finally believe Mitch when they see the UFO with their own eyes: it’s a giant prehistoric flying bird from outer space! To complicate things even more, this gargantuan flying buzzard is made up of “anti-matter” so that’s why it doesn’t show up on radar. When the bird goes berserk and starts terrorizing one city after another, it’s up to Mitch and his mathematician girlfriend, Sally Caldwell, to figure out how to kill it.

Can the dynamic duo destroy this oversized avian before it completely annihilates all mankind? Well friends, you’ll just have to watch this “so bad it’s good” cheezy B-movie to find out!

The Giant Claw, photos of bird and plane

Some of My Favorite Quotes from The Giant Claw

“Once more a frantic pilot radios in a report on a UFO – a bird – a bird as big as a battleship! – Narrator

“You keep your shirt on and I’ll go get my pants on!” – Mitch

“There’s a general air alert on this very minute, son. Hundreds of planes from every command are combing the skies, searching for this overgrown buzzard!” – Lt. Gen. Edward Considine

“Holy Toledo! I’ve seen some mighty big chicken hawks back on the farm, but man, this baby takes the cake!” – Pilot

Why I Think It’s Worth Watching
Friends, this fun, cheeseball B-movie has it all, including:

  • Ruggedly handsome Jeff Morrow, who plays Mitch MacAfee; he’s the first person to see the big flying buzzard!
  • Lovely Mara Corday, who plays the intelligent mathematician, Sally Caldwell!
  • A giant, flying prehistoric turkey-hawk-buzzard with big claws!
  • A giant, flying prehistoric turkey-hawk-buzzard with a Mohawk!The Giant Claw, photo of the bird flying over the city
  • A giant, flying prehistory turkey-hawk-buzzard that make a sound like an old, stalling truck!
  • A giant, flying prehistoric turkey-hawk-buzzard that looks like a cross between a marionette and a piñata!
  • 40-something actor, Jeff Morrow, being called “son” by Morris Ankrum, who is only 10 years older than him! Ha! Ha!

What Happened on June 1, 1957 (the Movie’s Release Date)?
Love Letters in the Sand by Pat Boone is the #1 song in the U.S.A.

Happy Halloween!

My Halloween Greetings to Thee


Monster on the Campus (1958)
Monster on the Campus movie poster

Key Cast Members
Arthur Franz as Professor Donald Blake
Joanna Moore as Madeline Howard
Judson Pratt as Lt. Mike Stevens
Nancy Walters as Sylvia Lockwood
Troy Donahue as Jimmy Flanders
Alexander Lockwood as Professor Gilbert Howard

Writer – David Duncan
Director – Jack Arnold
Production Company – Universal International Pictures
Release Date – December 17, 1958

The Plot In a Nutshell
This B-movie gem is brought to you by the fabulous Jack Arnold, who directed many other wonderful B-movies, such as High School Confidential! (1958); It Came from Outer Space (1953); Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954); Revenge of the Creature (1955); Tarantula (1955); The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) and many more.

Professor Donald Blake imports a dead, primitive Coelacanth fish from Madagascar to study its evolutionary process. However, unbeknownst to the nice, good-hearted professor, this scary-looking fish has been exposed to gamma rays. When the professor accidentally ingests some of the fish’s fluid, he reverts back to a vicious, prehistoric hominid! Then, he runs around the campus and goes on a murderous rampage and frightens the co-eds silly.

The cops know there is a murderous “monster” lurking around on campus, but they have no idea that it’s the mild-mannered Professor Blake. Can the police and Professor Blake’s girlfriend, Madeline, figure out who the monster really is, before it kills again? Well, folks, you’ll just have to watch this campy blast-from-the-past sci-fi B-movie to find out!

Some of My Favorite Quotes from Monster on the Campus
“Honest, Professor Blake, is this fish really a million years old?” – Jimmy

“See, the Coelacanth is a living fossil, immune to the forces of evolution, that’s what’s so remarkable about it.” – Professor Blake

“It’s the savage in modern man that science must meet and defeat if humanity is to survive!” – Professor Blake

“Watch, doctor, watch closely, and you’ll see evolution in reverse!” – Professor Blake

Why I Think It’s Worth Watching
Friends, this way-out sci-fi B-movie from director Jack Arnold has it all:

  • A scary million-year old fish from Madagascar!
    Monster on the Campus, prehistoric fish
  • Handsome Troy Donahue!
  • Lovely Joanna Moore (Tatum O’Neal’s mother)
  • A firefly that turns into a giant firefly and buzzes all over the laboratory and terrifies Jimmy and his girlfriend!
    monster on the campus, giant firefly
  • A professor who turns into a primitive anthropoid monster!
  • 1950s science that makes no sense!

What Happened on December 17, 1958, the movie’s release date?

  • The #1 song in the U.S.A. is Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by The Platters.
  • The #1 song in the U.K. is It’s Only Make Believe by Conway Twitty.


High School Confidential! (1958) 
High School Confidential movie poster

Key Cast Members

Russ Tamblyn as Tony Baker/Mike Wilson

Jan Sterling as Arlene Williams
John Drew Barrymore as J.I. Coleridge
Mamie Van Doren as Gwen Dulaine
Diane Jergens as Joan Staples
Jackie Coogan as “Mr. A” August
Jerry Lee Lewis as Himself
Ray Anthony as Bix
Jackie Coogan as “Mr. A” August

Screenwriter & Story – Robert Blees
Writer – Lewis Meltzer
Director – Jack Arnold
Producer – Albert Zugsmith
Release Date – June 13, 1958

The Plot In a Nutshell
Tony, a tough talking new kid in town, enrolls at Santa Bellow High School, and immediately moves into the drug scene by joining the Wheeler Dealers. He soon makes a name for himself when a drag race lands him and his best girl, Joan, in the pokey for illegal racing and pot possession. Then, the local bigwig drug dealer, “Mr. A” August,
notices him and offers him a job, and he’s all set to “graduate” and join the big leagues.

However, Tony has a lot on his plate, because meanwhile his Aunt Gwen, a sexy bombshell, tries to seduce him,
Tony and Aunt Gwen

while his kind-hearted teacher, Arlene, tries to help him become a straight arrow.

Will Tony make it as a big-time drug dealer working for the scary “Mr. A?” Or, will he heed the wise advice of Arlene and go straight before it’s too late? Well friends, you gotta watch this fun B-movie to find out!

Some of My Favorite Quotes from High School Confidential!

“You know for a teacher, you’re pretty cool. Why don’t we cut out and go to your pad and live it up?” – Tony

“He’s practically a grown man who wants to get a bang out of life, just like you or me!” –Gwen

Why I Think It’s Worth Watching

Friends, this way-out movie has it all! You’re in for a real blast from the past, including:

  • A groovy chick who performs a beat generation rap monologue!
  • Cool 1950s hipster lingo like “chicken,” “doll,” “square,” and “scram”!
  • The fabulous Mamie Van Doren, who stars as Tony’s bombshell blond aunt!
  • Jerry Lee Lewis, who performs rock & roll music on a flatbed truck!
    Jerry Lee Lewis
  • John Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore’s father), who does a funny rap monologue about Christopher Columbus!
  • Jackie Coogan, who plays the villain “Mr. A” August. Remember him? He starred as Uncle Fester on the original Addams Family TV show!
  • A neat plot twist!
  • A timeless anti-drug message!

What Happened on June 13, 1958?

  • In Lancaster, California, musician Frank Zappa graduates from Antelope Valley High School.
  • The #1 song in the U.S.A. is Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley.

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  1. This one sounds pretty fun to watch!!! I can’t believe Drew Barrymore’s dad is in it. The rap monologues sound cool and ahead of their time! Definitely need to check this one out.

    1. Thanks, Pam. I’m glad you enjoy these fun movies! 🙂

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      Retro Beach.

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