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Hello, my name is Leona Heraty, and I am the author of B-Movie Bungalow. Please click on My B-Movie Reviews to see my most current post.

The Screaming Skull

Often overlooked, B-movies can be a lot of fun to watch, and many feature unknown actors and directors who stood out from the crowd, and later went on to become well known stars in “A” films and TV shows. And, of course, not everyone makes it as an “A” actor or director, and many of these underappreciated “B” actors and directors had good, steady careers in the B-movies.

It’s true that some of the actors who star in B-movies give cheesy or hammy performances and that’s part of the fun of these movies. Plus, oftentimes, the props and locations are pretty cheesy too, which can be very entertaining.

In my blog, B-Movie Bungalow, my goal is to watch and then review B-movies in all genres, from all decades. I’ll review the best of the best and the worst of the worst, and the so-so B-movies that are somewhere in between. So, I hope you enjoy these films too, and I welcome your feedback in the comments section.

The Vampire's Ghost
Also, here’s my brief bio: I’m a screenwriter, writer, editor and proofreader and I live in San Diego, CA, with my husband and cat, Beautiful. I’m an animal lover and I support local and national animal shelters and rescue and rehab non-profit organizations. I’m also a volunteer for SoCal Parrot. Please always make pet adoption your first option. Thanks!  🙂